High Volatge 110 kV

October Construction Co Ltd.

At October Construction, our aim is to be one of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s leading private construction companies operating at a national level. The dynamic energy of our management teams, coupled with our technological sophistication, allows us to work collaboratively with all of our clients to achieve the highest level of innovation, quality and value.

Planning, Installation and Service of High Voltage Cable Systems

You are planning the extension or modernization of your MV or HV cable system and are looking for the best solution in terms of technology and operating economy With us, we have an experienced team, able to assist you from planning through installation to service regardless of the system manufacturer.

Taking our in-depth analyses as a point of departure, we provide you with the optimal system solution for your needs. This solution also includes recommendations for timely and cost-effective realization of the project.

Deployment of High Voltage Cable

We provide all services behind the planning and installation of HV cable systems up to 110 kV. Our special attention is directed towards designing the cost optimal system for your needs.