October Constructions provides complete solution of survey and design for 2F power Cable Works BASE DESIGN PHASE

BASE DESIGN includes the following.

  • Purpose of base Design Phase is to completely define the projest detail.
  • Information developed during Base Design use as a guide.
  • Narrative scope of work.
  • Project Schedule.
  • Major Materails Purchase Requisitions.
  • Design Calculations
  • Design Drawings
  • Soil investigation to determine thermal & electrical resistivity measurements
  • Manufacturer Technical specifications.
  • Test reports for major euipments and materials.
  • Factory site test program.
  • Job Site Safety & Security Plan.
  • QA/QC plan


  • Surveying is most essential to determine the route of project.
  • Survey Team use GPS. Total Station and Levels commonly for works.
  • Scanners and detectors to locate existing utilities.
  • Test pits to check the existing utilities and thermal resistivity of soil.